Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gayest Food Ad EVAH!?

Behold: Quiznos' "Tasty Torpedo Ad":

Toaster (deep male voice): Scott, I want you to do something.
Scott: Not doing that again. Got burned.
Toaster: We both enjoyed that. Now I want you to introduce my greatest creation: The new Toasty Torpedo.
Scott: The new Toasty Torpedo?
Toaster: Yes, Scott. You make one.
Scott: Me?
Toaster: Put it in me, Scott.
(Sexy music starts).
Toaster: It's over a foot of flavor on a slim sleek ciabatta for only four dollars. Say it, Scott.
Scott: Only four dollars?
Toaster: Say it sexy.
Scott: Only four dollars.
Toaster: Sexier...
Scott (sexy voice): Only four dollars.

Via AdFreak's David Griner, who says, "you'd be hard-pressed to forget the point: that Quiznos has foot-long meat tubes just waiting to be jammed in the hotbox for you."


  1. I think Quiznos has also been known to take advantage of underground advertising phenomena in localized areas.
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  2. Thats exacly why i dont eat there, I have my way and that is STRAIGHT to subway
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